View MenloHouse (FiveFour) Items Early [no coding required]

View MenloHouse (FiveFour) Items Early [no coding required]
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I've been subscribed to FiveFour for a little over 3 years. As of today my dashboard shows 38 months! So nope, I wasn't bored enough to figure out what FiveFour members receive before their packages arrive –  just a nosey person who doesn't like the surprise.

#proudMoment I was ordering XXL shirts with 40W pants three years ago; now I'm in L shirt with 34 pants... #growth

The "HACK"

First off it's not a real "hack" so don't start hiding your computer screen while simply shopping for clothes.

Tools needed are Google Chrome and a MenloHouse Subscription.


  1. Login to your Menlo House dashboard
  2. Open up developer tools > network tab > filter by XHR requests only (easier this way)
    (dev tools is option+command+I on Mac)
  3. Find the api_dashboardinfo request and click on it
  4. You should see results from this GET request with YOUR information while looking at the Preview window for api_dashboardinfo
  5. Find and open the orderHistory data, and the first [0] result should be the most recent order. Subscription orders typically show once they've been shipped
  6. Open orderDetails for the order you're looking to be nosey about
  7. Copy the value for imgName. Now this is where we think outside of the box: in a separate tab, open an image from their store. This should be an image-only tab. Here is a link for convience:
  8. Replace the imgName from orderDetails in the above URL to view your new subscription item

Notice orderHistory, orderDetails, and imgName

Open any image in new tab > replace imgName in URL
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